Terms and Conditions of Contract

Valid from 1 February 2017.

Nordic Design Gallery Contracts, Orders and Deliveries – Full Terms and Conditions.

Nordic Design Gallery e-Store is an e-commerce platform hosted by Nordic Design Gallery. Nordic Design Gallery (Business Identity Code: 2660261-6) acts as the seller of the products.

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all trade between Vertica Acrobatics and its customers.

Nordic Design Gallery sells design goods to natural persons of full age (age 18 and above) (hereinafter “consumers”) as well as to businesses and organisations (hereinafter “business customers”). Nordic Design Gallery may design sporting goods and accessories to consumers under the age of 18 years if their legal guardians give their consent to purchasing goods and/or accessories from Nordic Design Gallerys e-Store.


Terms and Conditions – Five Key Points:

1. The e-Store price list contains all the products and their prices.

2. All prices include EU VAT (24%).

3. Our customers can pay their purchases and deliveries via Finnish online banking or by credit card.

4. Purchase receipts and/or shipping labels must always be kept safe for possible product liability claims.

5. All purchased goods may be returned within 14 days. All returned goods must be unused.


Full Terms and Conditions:

1. Placing an Order

1.1 When placing an order, the customer shall always indicate the following:
a) For consumers: full name, street address, e-mail address, telephone number.
b) For business customers: registered name of the company, contact person, e-mail address, street address, Business Identity Code, telephone number.

1.2 When placing an order, the customer accepts and agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of contracts, orders and deliveries as they are applied to deliveries at the time of placing the order. Current Terms and Conditions of Contract are available at Nordic Design Gallery e-Store, section “Terms and Conditions of Contract”.

1.3 Nordic Design Gallery customer register is confidential. Nordic Design Gallery shall not disclose the data to third parties.

1.4 The parties contact each other by email or by phone. The customer is expected to check his/her email account regularly after submitting an order via the e-Store. Nordic Design Gallery’s contact information is available on https://www.nordicdesigngallery.com/contact-info/

1.5 A binding sales contract comes into force when the customer submits an order.

1.6 Vertica Acrobatics reserves the right to limit sales in bulk, for example due to a lack of availability.

1.7 Nordic Design Gallerycs is not liable for a lack of availability or for regulatory or import restrictions. In these cases Nordic Design Gallery may cancel the transaction and refund any previous payments.

1.8 All goods sold by Nordic Design Gallery are sold “as is”. The customer should carefully read through the product description and production information available on our website.

1.9 If the customer does not accept the contents of a delivery, the customer has a right to return the product to Nordic Design Gallery within 14 days of delivery.

1.10 If the product or price information is clearly incorrect, Nordic Design Galleryn assumes no liability for the incorrect information if the mistake in the information should have been obvious to the customer.

1.11 Nordic Design Gallery is not responsible for any information published on the websites of the manufacturers.

1.12 Nordic Design Gallery reserves the right to select its customers.

1.13 The products sold in the e-Store are only delivered within Europe.


2. Pricing

2.1 All prices indicated in the price list include EU VAT (24%).

2.2 The regular postage and packaging charge for orders delivered in Finland is EUR 9.90 per order. For larger deliveries the charge is EUR 90 per order.

2.3 All product information is available on our website. If the customer has been given incorrect product information and the customer wishes to return the product, the return can be made free of charge within a reasonable time after the mistake in the information was discovered or ought to have been discovered.

2.4 If the price information is clearly incorrect, Nordic Design Gallery assumes no liability for the incorrect information if the mistake in the information should have been obvious to the customer, for example if a product of EUR 500.00 is mistakenly sold for EUR 50.00.


3. Deliveries

3.1 The handling time of Nordic Design Gallery deliveries is generally 3–7 working days. If possible, Nordic Design Gallery will inform the customers if the handling time exceeds 5 working days.

3.2 Nordic Design Gallery assumes liability for the goods until they are delivered to the customer. If the customer wishes to return the goods, the customer or the logistics company is responsible for any damages or losses during shipment.

3.3 When sending us goods, for example when returning products, please keep the return documents and postal receipts/item tracking codes available.

3.4 Even if the goods are packed carefully, logistics companies cannot always guarantee undamaged deliveries. When collecting or accepting a delivery, please check that the packaging is in good shape and undamaged. If you notice any damages, report them IMMEDIATELY to the logistics company. After this, you can contact Nordic Design Gallery to agree on a replacement.

3.5 All available goods are delivered to consumers at the latest within 3 weeks of submitting the order. The consumer shall accept that some goods may be backordered due to unavailability and that the order may be cancelled. Backorder fee is charged as usual.


4. Terms of Payment

4.1 The customers may select one of the two following payment methods: Finnish online banking or credit cards.

Online banking is the fastest and most economical payment method.

The payment forwarding services used in online banking are managed by Paytrail PLC (Business ID: 2122839-7) in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. At the user’s end the services resemble traditional Internet payments.

When making a payment, please follow the instructions given by the service provider. Additional information on Paytrail and the payment forwarding services is available at www.paytrail.com. 

4.2 Payment service provider

The payment forwarding services are managed by the payment service provider Paytrail PLC (Business ID: 2122839-7) in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail PLC will forward the payment to the seller and thus appears as the recipient of the payment on your bank account/credit card statement. Paytrail PLC is an authorised payment institution. Any customer complaints should be addressed to the service provider.

Paytrail PLC, Business ID: 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Tel. +358 (0)207 181 830

The payment forwarding services used in online banking are managed by Paytrail PLC (Business ID: 2122839-7) in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. At the user’s end the services resemble traditional Internet payments. 

4.3 Companies, educational institutions, municipalities and State authorities may pay their orders with invoice (payment terms: 14 days net).

4.4 For these customers, purchases by invoice are available without separate application. Credit rating is verified with each submitted order. If you are making your first purchase and you are not a member of the board of directors or other similar management body, please send us a written consent from your employer stating that you are authorised to purchase by invoice. Please make sure that the delivery includes an invoice. If the delivery does not include an invoice and it will not arrive by post within 5 working days, please contact Vertica Original invoicing service, e-mail address: office (at) nordicdesigngallery.com 


5. Right to Return

5.1 Under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, our customers have a right to return or replace goods within 14 days of receipt (including weekends and public holidays, excluding the day of collecting and/or accepting the delivery). The goods shall be returned or replaced at the latest on the first working day following the 14th day.

5.2 The right to return goods bought by mail order only applies to goods which are unused and fit for sale. The cooling-off period allows the consumers to examine the goods as they would be able to do in a retail store. The consumers are allowed open the packaging and examine the goods without losing their right of cancellation. However, the goods may not be used.

5.3 The right to return does not apply to sealed products. Similarly, the right to return does not apply to hygiene products or similar.

5.4 Goods can be returned free of charge (in Finland). Nordic Design Gallery refunds any postage costs related to returning goods. If goods are returned from other countries than Finland, the customer shall cover the postage costs or shipping charges.

5.5 The date of collecting the parcel from a post office is considered to be the purchase date. In case the customer wants to return any goods, the customer needs to prove the collection date for example by presenting a receipt provided by the post office.

5.6 Returning Goods

a) Contact Nordic Design Gallery by e-mail or by phone before returning any goods. E-mail: office (at) nordicdesigngallery.com, Tel. +358 50 566 8499 (mobile).

b) Use the original packaging (pack the goods carefully) without adding any unnecessary labels or markings.

c) Include a copy of the receipt/shipping label.

d) Write a consumer complaint (informal) and include it in the return package.

e) Return the goods within 14 days of the purchase date.

5.7 If the above instructions are not followed when returning goods, Nordic Design Gallery will send the goods back to the customer at the expense of the customer in question.

5.8 The right to return goods is always product specific. The delayed delivery of one product does not extend the cooling-off period of another previously delivered product.

5.9 The right to return does not apply to customised products.


6. Products, Defective Deliveries, Incorrect Product Information, and Consumer Complaints

6.1 Consumer complaints (informal) should be sent by post to the following address: Nordic Design Gallery, Sasintie 12-18, 39130 Sasi, Finland; or by e-mail to office (at) nordicdesigngallery.com

6.2 Under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, the buyer shall notify the giver of the warranty/seller of any defects within a reasonable time after he/she discovered or ought to have discovered the defect.

6.3 All purchase cancellations and refunds should be agreed on in writing (for example by e-mail or by letter). If the cancellations or refunds are agreed on by phone, they might be difficult to verify later on.

Should you have any feedback and/or questions, please contact us via email at office (at) nordicdesigngallery.com